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Are you not better yet?

I was talking to a dear friend today, we were discussing the Daily Stigma we both face surrounding his Mental Health and my Chronic Illness. We got onto the topic of friends and family and the varying responses we have both received in regards to our illnesses. What stuck out was that it doesn't matter… Continue reading Are you not better yet?

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To You

To My Family I want to write an open letter to my Boys - my Husband and two Sons. I want to explain from my perspective- how it feels being a Chronically Ill person. You see I know you all know that I love you, I know you know I care. But I'm not sure… Continue reading To You

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My New Life!

Well I haven't sat down to write for such a long time I had forgotten my password! I've been psyching myself up to write a blog for ages. But I just haven't had the enthusiasm. Still haven't now if I'm honest. But then I don't have any enthusiasm for anything at the moment. So there… Continue reading My New Life!

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Chasing Pavements.

I've not written a blog for about a month, and that I've decided, is what I'm going to blog about tonight! To be honest, this is the first time I've sat down in weeks and had the slightest inclination to write. There are a few factors involved with this. The first one is - I… Continue reading Chasing Pavements.


Alternative Therapies or Not?

Why do I keep chasing a cure? I don't know that it's a cure I'm chasing, I'm sure somewhere deep down that's the actual truth, but I tell myself I'm just trying to have an easier life, maybe that's the case, or maybe I'm lying to myself and I need to get a grip! Either… Continue reading Alternative Therapies or Not?

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When I look back over the last 7 years and all the awful shit my body has put me through, it almost seems like it all happened to someone else. But then I rub my hand over my Stomach and Neck Scar's and suddenly it feels very real again. Sometimes in the morning I wake… Continue reading Surviving!


Class of 92′

So last night I attended my School reunion. It was 25 years ago we left school, even more scary that it was 30 years ago we started our Senior School lives together at the tender age of 11! Being a 'Chronically Ill' person at an event like this throws its own shade, without the nerves… Continue reading Class of 92′